It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Slow Cooker Apple Sauce! - Alexandra


Slow Cooker Apple Sauce! - Alexandra

*This post is sponsored by Ninja. 
I received the 3-in-1 Cooking System for free for review and article purposes!*

We love applesauce in my house, it always runs out so quickly after I purchase it. This is why one of my favorite reasons to go apple picking in the fall is to make tons of apple sauce! My favorite way to make homemade apple sauce is in the slow cooker because it is so simple and requires minimal effort, which means as a busy mom it is right up my alley!

I made a large batch of apple sauce with the ingredient list below. This apple sauce lasts about ten days refrigerated. It also freezes very easily and can be defrosted as you wish. We also like our apple sauce to be filled with cinnamon. If you like less cinnamon you can use less or eliminate it altogether. I peel my apples but you do not have to peel them. If you do not peel them you may need to run the apple sauce through the food processor once it is done cooking to fully blend in the skin.

Slow Cooker Apple Sauce:

15 medium-large apples
1/2 cup apple cider
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 tbsp brown sugar
2 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp cinnamon 

First peel, core, and dice all of the apples that you will be using. Once you are done with that step throw all of the ingredients into the slow cooker. I love my Ninja 3-in-1 cooking system because it is non-stick so no apple sauce burns or gets stuck to the side of the pot. This cooking system provides even cooking. Once all of the ingredients are in the crock pot I stir them quickly with a wooden spoon just to make sure the apples are covered. Then I cook on low for 6 hours. Once the 6 hours are over I quickly run the wooden spoon through the apple sauce again and mash up any bigger pieces. I then move my apple sauce to a large container to refrigerate. Let your apple sauce cool and then enjoy!

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