It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Leaf Print Sponge Painting! - Alexandra


Leaf Print Sponge Painting! - Alexandra

I love fun and simple crafts to do with little ones. It is so wonderful seeing them being creative! Mia and I love doing seasonal and holiday themed crafts! Our most recent seasonal craft was this super fun and simple Leaf Print Sponge Painting!

For this craft all that you need is poster board (any size), leaves, paint, sponges, masking tape, and paper plates! I recommend using non-scratch cheap sponges since they will only go in the trash or be held on to for other crafts. I got the three pack that I used at Walmart for a little over a dollar and they are going to be perfect for other crafts that we have planned! I took one sponge and cut it into four and used one piece for each color.

First fold over pieces of masking tape and attach each to the back of a leaf and attach the leaves to the poster board in any arrangement that you want!

Next get your paints ready! We used red, orange, and yellow but you can use any colors that you want. We put each color on a paper plate for easy clean up when we are done. 

Now it is time for the fun! Using the sponges press and dab around each leaf.

Let your little ones go crazy with colors! Mia loved doing one color on top of another, doing one side of a leaf one color and another a second color, and more! Keep going with the sponges until they think that it looks perfect!

Allow your paint to dry and then carefully peel off each leaf and the masking tape! Now you are all done!

Admire your art work!

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