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Holiday Gift Guide: We Travel Far Review!! - Gina

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. 
All reviews reflect my personal opinion and experience* 

Are you planning on travelling during the upcoming holiday season?! If you are you are going to be so glad that we are telling you about a fun company called We Travel Far! We travel far is a company who set out to make a change in the dull and boring world of traveling! Keep reading to learn more about We Travel Far and what I thought of the items that I received!

Are you sick of looking at the same black, brown and tan bags that most travel accessory companies have? Well We Travel Far has designed fun and catchy ways to make traveling fun! From bag tags to the luggage itself and everything In Between, such as collapsible cups, single person laundry bags, We Travel Far uses fun, bright colors and silly phrases which sets them apart from any other company catering to travelers or outdoorsmen! 

I received five items from We Travel Far and all will be accompanying me to Dallas this month! I am super excited to use them!

The first item that I received is the 3D Zip Bag, which is a large nylon zip bag. This is the perfect little travel bag! It can fit a whole outfit including shoes with no problem and not too much space is taken up! The bag is perfect for kids to take for a sleepover or to use as a gym bag in school. For adults it is perfect for the gym or an extra outfit holder when camping or on a road trip! It is a great quality bag and is not going to rip after one use (hate those!)

The next item that I received is the Collapsible Travel Cup with Sunrise. This is a two ounce collapsible travel cup that you can stick in your bag before you head out camping, on vacation, or on a road trip! It is easy to clean and easy to store! 

I also received a Set of three Crumb Bags, which are letterpress printed bags. One of these bags says "For Lunch on the go", the second says "Snacks and Treats", and the third says "Simple Nothings." These three bags are perfect for packing a lunch or snack for on the go! Planning a long drive? Going camping? These bags are a must have. You can pack a lunch separately from snacks and take the bag out when you are ready for it! 

The fourth item that I received is the Big Baggu! This nylon bag folds to fit into a 7 inch x 7 inch pouch but expands to hold 50 pounds! It is the perfect bag to use when travelling! It great when on a road trip or travelling to keep odds and ends in. It would also be amazing for using when shopping on vacation. It folds up nicely into your luggage but you can take it out when need be while you are away!

The final item that I received is the Go Clean Laundry in Purple. This is the perfect bag to separate the stinky from the clean! You can put dirty laundry in it so that your clean clothes and your dirty clothes stay apart! You can also use this laundry bag to keep all your socks and personal items concealed! This nylon bag is the perfect travel pack! 

"We Travel Far have set out to put an end to the bland and breathe some 
life into the goods that accompany us on trips that change our lives."

We Travel Far has set out and accomplished exactly that! Head on over to their website and start your holiday shopping for your outdoorsmen or traveler! They will love it! Or get yourself prepared for an upcoming holiday trip by purchasing some items to make traveling more organized and fun!

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