It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Holiday Gift Guide: Uncle Milton Frozen Light Vines Review! - Alexandra


Holiday Gift Guide: Uncle Milton Frozen Light Vines Review! - Alexandra

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If you have a child you have probably been swept into the world of Arendelle, the world of Anna and Elsa! Now Uncle Milton is bringing Arendelle to your little one through their new Frozen light-up line of room products! You can hang a light up Olaf, a light up Elsa with dancing snowflakes, and more! Keep reading to learn about the Frozen Light Vines item that we received to review! 

These Frozen Light Vines are ten feet long and can easily be mounted to a wall. With these vines you are able to create a canopy, decorate curtain rods, make a trim on a wall, and more! You can customize these light vines with 8 light designs featuring Frozen character favorites Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Sven, as well as snowflakes. There are also attachable snowflakes. These light vines use eight colors to create over 200 color combinations and the lights softly fade into each other. To make these light up they need three AAA batteries which are no included 

Mia absolutely loves these Light Vines! She has a loft bed and these fit perfectly around the border of her bed and down her ladder. They are great for if she is playing under her bed and wants to add in some fun lighting. They are also perfect for a nightlight or to use when she is pretending to go camping. She uses them fairly often but they don't seem to go through batteries very quickly. She also loves changing around the way that she has the characters and snowflakes set up!

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