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Holiday Gift Guide: Tiggly Counts Review! - Alexandra

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Over the summer Gina and I attending an event called Blogger Bash in NYC. While we were there we learned about an awesome program called Tiggly Shapes. Recently the people behind Tiggly Shapes introduced a new program called Tiggly Counts! Keep reading to learn all about this new program and see what we thought of it!

Tiggly Counts are tools for use with three downloadable apps on iPad. These shapes are inspired by the classic cuisenaire rods that are used in Montessori classrooms. These five colorful counting toys allow children to physically interact with the learning apps helping to teach children more than only math concepts, such as hand eye coordination. These shapes are lightweight and easy for children to hold and manipulate. Children are able to use these shapes differently in each app to help teach the children different mathematical concepts through stories, sounds, and more!

There are three apps available for download for us with the Tiggly Counts Shapes:

Tiggly Cardtoons - With this app children can count, drag, and match and are able to shuffle pieces of digital cardboard and watch as they become different items. Children are able to bring stories to life while learning basic math concepts such as one-to-one matching, counting, and equal sets while using their imagination!

Tiggly Addventure - In this app Tiggly sets off on adventures. During these adventures children learn to count up and count down, and they are introduced to number-line concepts while learning number sense and counting skills.

Tiggly Chef - In this app children learn early addition concepts and learn to think flexibly about numbers while helping Chef prepare over forty different dishes! While ingredients are added to make each recipe symbols appear on screen explaining your actions which helps you to learn numbers and early addition concepts. 

I highly recommend Tiggly Counts for children ages three and up. Not only are these apps fun but they are incredibly educational. I love that children don't realize how much they are learning because they are having so much fun playing. My daughter is 5 and absolutely loves math so she is crazy about Tiggly Counts! She loves learning math concepts or increasing her skills in them through each of these apps. Her favorite of these three apps is Tiggly Chef! She loves making the different dishes. We absolutely love these fun apps and think that you will too!

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