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Holiday Gift Guide: Think Fun Review! -Suzi

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. 
All reviews reflect my personal opinion and experience*

I was given the opportunity to review the Gravity Maze by Think Fun Games. Think Fun Games, originally Binary Arts, was founded by a husband and wife team, Bill Ritchie and Andrea Barthello, in 1985. Being avid puzzlers and loving a challenge, they began their dreams in their basement. Their first game, Hexadecimal Puzzle, challenged the mind and helped you exercise your brain. They have a huge collection of brain testing and exercising games available. To learn more about the Gravity Maze and what I thought about it, please continue reading!

Gravity Maze is a game of logic, putting your visual problem solving skills to work. To play Gravity Maze, you start with your base and a card from the deck. You can chose cards from beginner, intermediate, and expert. The card will give you where you place your ending block (red) and then a couple placements for one or two other towers, you also have to make sure each block has the dots on the top lined up correctly. At the bottom of the card, you will get a list of which color blocks you have to use to make the maze. Once you have used the determined blocks, you will take one of the silver marbles and drop down the starter block, the marble has to drop one level through each tower, and then end in the red box. If it does not do this then you will have to start your maze over. 

I'll tell you this game definitely got me thinking, but my kiddos definitely enjoyed playing it. Especially since they got to enjoy the game with daddy! This game has been played almost every night in my house since we have opened it. My family is absolutely in love with it. Even my two year old has gotten involved with making a maze! My 7 year old does get frustrated with it, but the game is designed for 8 and over. He has gotten better with the easy and has completed one maze all by himself. 

This was a great item to review, and I would make a great gift for any puzzle lover on your Christmas list! Thank you Think Fun for allowing me to review your fun Gravity Maze! - Suzi 


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