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Holiday Gift Guide: Surprise Ride Review! - Nicole

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. 
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I love to do crafty things. From sewing and cross stitch to painting and even building! I do my best to include my LOs in my crafts, hoping to inspire their creativity. But, it can be challenging to find crafts to do with little kids that aren't just pre-cut, pre-glued foam pieces. Don't get me wrong, we do plenty of those crafts as well. Michael's is right down the road and one of my all time favorite stores, it is just nice to have something else to do also. Which is why I love that we got to review Surprise Ride. Keep reading to find out what Surprise Ride is and how much we enjoyed reviewing for them!

Surprise Ride is a subscription box aimed or children 6-11, though my 3 year old had a blast reviewing the box with us. Inside of the box you will find intriguing and engaging gifts. There might be books, snacks, crafting materials, DIY crafts - but what brings it all together is that they are all a part of the same theme. Each month the box carries a different theme, and more chances to grow and learn in a fun filled way.
With Surprise Ride you can purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. Or, if you prefer to pay month-to-month, you can just sign up for the monthly fee to auto draft and you can cancel at any time. From one month the next the boxes have their different themes, but each box that goes out is identical to the rest of the boxes from that month.
In our Surprise Ride box we received a penguin disposable plate, a snowflake stamp, a penguin pencil, white Crayola magic clay, an igloo mold, insta-snow, a small penguin toy, a popcorn ball, The March of the Penguins book and a DIY penguin pillow. I don't know if I've said the word enough times yet, but the theme of our box got it! Penguins!
The very firs thing we did after opening the box, was of course eat the popcorn ball and stamp all over a few pages of the informational booklet that came inside of the box. What Jayde could not wait to get her hands on though was this pillow! Aries and I tied the knots, Jayde stuffed it and Rylin loved it. What a great family crafting affair!

After the pillow, we went ahead and made the fake snow. A blue cap of powder to the tube full of water and we watched it grow into snow! The best thing though, was that it wasn't even cold! Aries had a grand idea to turn the bowl of snow into a scene, since afterall, we did have all of the right tools! I love to see the creativity in children come out to play!
So, we set up the snow for a fun slip and slide slope for "Petey the Penguin" to play one while we created his house. Jayde molded the magic clay into an igloo using the mold that was provided, and Aries carved out the bricks. After Petey's home was all built, we reset his bowl and the kids invited some friends over for Petey.

They did of course get this snow all over the place, but luckily with just a little water - it wipes up like it never existed.

All three of the kids and I genuinely enjoyed the Surprise Ride box. I would not hesitate to give the gift that keeps on giving to them or any other little ones in my life!

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