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Holiday Gift Guide: Sophia's Style Review! - Alexandra

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Every time the holiday season begins approaching I begin thinking about holiday photos! One of the most important things to us when getting our daughter ready for holiday photos is finding the perfect dress! Each year we look for something different than previous years, something that will be comfortable on her, and something that is great quality for a reasonable price. This year when searching we came across Sophia's Style and they had dresses that fit all of our most important points when searching for a dress. My little one Mia and I sat down and looked through all of the holiday dresses on the Sophia's Style website and she picked the perfect one! Keep reading to see which dress my little one chose, learn a bit about Sophia's Style, and enter to win a $50 gift certificate for their website!

Sophia's Style was founded in 2006 after the owners were inspired by their little girls' sense of style. They quickly discovered that there aren't any online stores that could provide the boutique style clothing that Sophia loved so Sophia's Style was born! Sophia's Style offers a huge selection of dresses, whimsical girl clothing, boy clothing, baby clothes, and more! All of their items can be found at an affordable price which is perfect for a family that wants to look great without spending a fortune!

When searching for the perfect Christmas dress for Mia's Christmas photos we searched through the Sophia's Style website for hours. It only took so long because there were so many dresses that I just loved! They have items that fit every baby and child size and every taste from fancy to simple. As soon as my daughter saw the dress that we ended up picking she was obsessed. She knew that this dress would be the one for her holiday photos and told me that she had to have it. The best part? This dress was stunning and under $50! If there is one thing that I have learned since having a daughter it is that beautiful, excellent quality clothing can be very expensive. Needless to say I was incredibly impressed by the price of the dresses found at Sophia's Style.

As soon as we received Mia's dress she needed to try it on! I liked it when I saw it online but once I saw it on Mia I was completely in love. It is such a perfect dress, excellent quality, and beautiful. I was very excited to get Mia's Christmas photos taken and could not wait to see how wonderfully they came out with her new dress. I love the way that they came out and they would not be as perfect as they are without this beautiful dress that just screams my daughter's style!

Sophia's Style is the perfect go to site for holiday dresses, birthday dresses, flower girls dresses, and way more. We love our dress from Sophia's Style and think that you will love their products as well!

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