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Holiday Gift Guide: Our Generation Dolls Review! - Alexandra

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. 
All reviews reflect my personal opinion and experience* 

Do you have a child that loves dolls? If you do than you need to visit the Our Generation Dolls website and check out their beautiful dolls! Every time that my daughter and I are in Target she asks me to go down the aisle with the Our Generation Dolls and admires all of the dolls and the awesome items that can go along with them. I wish that I took a photo of Mia's face when I told her that we were going to be working with Our Generation on a product review, her face completely lit up! Keep reading to learn about the two awesome items that we received and a bit more about Our Generation!

I love Our Generation products, but I also absolutely love their mission.On the Our Generation Dolls website they say "This is a whole lot bigger than an 18 inch doll," and I completely agree. They work to tell girls that they are part of an extraordinary generation and encourage them to tell their story. Our Generation wants parents to understand the pressures of being a girl and want parents to help their daughters grow. Our Generation works to put our accessories that speak to girls with all different interests and who look different from one another to help to encourage individuality. They also make sure that they offer quality items at prices that are affordable so that no one is excluded. Our Generation Dolls are more than dolls, they are a community for girls. 

Mia received the two above to review and she is crazy about them! 

The first item that she received is the Shannon and "Magic Under the Stars" Deluxe Doll Set! This set includes a doll named Shannon, two outfits, the OG story book "Magic Under the Stars", a bookmark, and a bunch of camping accessories! Mia loves Shannon and loves "camping" with her! She was so excited when she opened up the box and saw how many accessories Shannon came with, it makes for a perfect camping adventure! Mia has brought Shannon with us to my grandparent's house, to the grocery store, and is upset that she can't bring her to school, haha.

Mia also received the My Way and Highways 4 x 4 car in purple! Mia loves this car! It made a perfect addition to all of her "camping" adventures with the doll that she received, Shannon! She loved loading up the back part of the car with Shannon's accessories and pretending that she was driving all over the house.

Mia has asked Santa for so many Our Generation items including the Saddle Up Stable and horses to go with it, the Gourmet Kitchen, the Diner, RV Camper, and more! 

Our Generation has items that are perfect for your children too! Their products include dolls, outfits, pets, accessories, room decor, and so much more! Their products will keep your little ones busy for hours!

Visit the Our Generation Dolls Website HERE!


  1. So cute. I love that purple jeep!

  2. My daughter wants one of these so bad!! We've looked at them a few times while in the store. I love that they have so many accessories!

  3. Your daughter sounds just like my toddler. Every time we go into Target it's the aisle I have to linger in because she never wants to move. I love your set and that jeep is awesome!

  4. Mia is a lucky gal. She get these wonderful tings to play with. My daughter is past this stage, I kind of miss it lol.

  5. I'm shocked that this doll actually looks like a real person! Better yet that she has some amazing accessories to go along!