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Holiday Gift Guide: Little Live Pets Review! - Alexandra

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If your little ones are anything like my daughter they are probably often begging you for a pet, now you can get them a pet bird with no need to take care of it. Little Live Pets birds are adorable little toys that can interact with your children providing them with hours of entertainment! They also make butterflies and a house for the butterfly! Keep reading to find out more about Little Live Pets and the bird that we received named Friendly Frankie!

Little Live Pets birds chirp, tweet, and sing. When the bird is happy it will sing a tune and when it is touched it will chirp and tweet like a real bird! Children are also able to press a button on the bird's chest to record their own voice and the bird will repeat the recording just like a parrot! In the Little Live Pets cage that we received there is a little piece of food that the bird can hold in its mouth. There is also a swing inside the cage that the bird is able to perch on.

Mia is absolutely obsessed with Friendly Frankie! She carries this little birdie with us everywhere. I think that her favorite part about Little Live Pets birds is that she is able to record her voice and that the bird plays it back to her in a parrot's voice. She loves having us all record things and hearing Friendly Frankie play it back. Every night at bed time Mia puts her bird in it's cage in it's swing and closes the door. She has the cage sitting right on her bookshelf so that she can play with it again right away in the morning. I would absolutely recommend Little Live Pets for little ones. They are fun, super cute, and interactive.

Little Live Pets are a perfect gift for the children on your holiday shopping list this season! These little birds and the butterflies will provide hours of fun for children and adults! You can find them at stores like Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, and more!

Visit the Little Live Pets Website HERE!

Visit the Moose Toys Website HERE!

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