It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Holiday Gift Guide: LeapTV Review! - Alexandra


Holiday Gift Guide: LeapTV Review! - Alexandra

*I received free products in order to host a LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty. 
Due to unforeseen circumstances with my unit I  was only able to conduct a review. 
The opinions expressed here are my own*

I am sure that you have heard of one of the newest products from LeapFrog, LeapTV! LeapTV is flying off of shelves everywhere! It has also been named one of the hottest toys of the season on numerous hot toy lists; and after getting a chance to play with LeapTV I totally understand why! Keep reading to learn about LeapTV!

LeapTV provides educational and active video gaming for children to help get minds and bodies moving! All of the games available for LeapTV feature child friendly themes and play patterns. They also help to keep kids engaged through active learning. Games encourage children to jump, point, wiggle, and more while teaching learning through movement. Many games also adapt to each child by automatically leveling to keep kids learning at the right level for them. With your LeapTV you received a motion censored camera which allows children to see themselves on TV. Through this camera their movements can control the on-screen action through their movements such as dancing, jumping, hopping, and more!

The controller for LeapTV is like none that you have ever seen before! The controller can twist and turn to turn it from a controller to a pointer for motion controlled fun. When playing you can shake or tilt the controller for fast-paced game play.

Setting up the LeapTV is very simple. All that you have to do is attach the camera to the game system. attach the power wire, plug one wire into the back of the TV, and plug the outlet into the wall! Once everything is hooked up all that you have to do is turn on the system and set it up. The total amount of time  between taking the LeapTV out of the box and playing a game was about 10 minutes so I definitely would say that it is quick and easy! I love that the LeapTV system is not very large so it fits on my entertainment center to easily without needing to move things around. So many gaming systems are large and require more space so it is great that I can keep this in an easily accessible space for my daughter. Once we had everything set up my daughter was ready to play!

Mia absolutely loves the two games that we received which are Dance & Learn and Sports. Both games are geared towards children between the ages of four and seven. I absolutely love that Mia is able to learn while playing a game. Each game that we received teaches her something differnet; Dance & Learn teaches reading and vocabulary while Sports teaches math! Mia has asked for more LeapTV games for Christmas and they are a gift that I absolutely will be getting her! Since we have had the LeapTV we have had a few friends over on different occasions and everyone loved the LeapTV! They loved that their children were having so much fun that they didn't even realize they were learning!

I think that your child will love LeapTV and I think that you will too! 
They will get to play, have fun, and learn at the same time; what more can you ask for?!

Learn more about LeapTV and buy your own HERE!

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