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Holiday Gift Guide: Lalaloopsy Color Me Review! - Alexandra

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I know that I have said it many times before but my daughter loves Lalaloopsy! If you look around her room you will see them everywhere, from Lalaloopsy girls, to Lalaloopsy minis, and now a Color Me Lalaloopsy! Mia loves this fun new doll that inspires creativity! Keep reading to learn more about Trace E. Doodles!

I love Lalaloopsy Dolls because they inspire individuality through their interests, hobbies, and clothing, now with their new Color Me Dolls they can inspire creativity too! The new dolls from the Color Me Collection are Trace E Doodles made from a chalkboard drawing and Squiggles N Shapes made from a piece of clay! Children are able to add their personal touch to these dolls using eraseable markers and stamps onto the doll itself, the doll's clothing, and their pet!  Each set includes the Lalaloopsy Color Me doll and pet, four eraseable markers, two stamps, and a sponge for erasing!

Mia received Trace E Doodles and absolutely loves her! Ever since she saw the Lalaloopsy TV show episodes with the Color Me dolls she has been begging for one so she was super excited when I told her that she was getting one to try out! As soon as we received Trace E Doodles Mia asked me to take her out of the box and sat down to color on her. When you first get the markers out of the package you have to shake them a bit to get the ink out. That part did take me a few minutes, but while I shook them up Mia had fun playing with Trace E Doodles and her pet zebra! Once the markers were done she was ready to color! She really enjoyed using the markers and stamps to create designs and put color all over her Color Me doll. She also enjoyed using the sponge to erase what she did so that she could start over again.

I would absolutely recommend a Lalaloopsy Color Me doll for a child on your holiday shopping list! This doll will provide tons of fun and get the creative juices flowing!

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