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Holiday Gift Guide: Lakeshore Learning Review! - Alexandra

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. 
All reviews reflect my personal opinion and experience* 

My daughter, Mia, and I spend tons of time at our local Lakeshore Learning store so needless to say I was ridiculously excited for the opportunity to work with them on a review in our Holiday Gift Guide! We love so many of their products but Mia chose to review the Pet Vet Clinic which has quickly become one of her favorite items. Keep reading to learn a bit about Lakeshore Learning, about the item received, and for a coupon!

Lakeshore has been dedicated to creating innovative educational products that spark young imaginations, instill a sense of wonder, and foster a love of learning since 1988! They have materials from infant stages through sixth grade, helping children to reach different levels of developmental milestones and educational goals, while having fun! Lakeshore aims to prepare children for grade-school success! On their website and in their stores you can find arts and crafts, games, workbooks, toys encouraging imaginative play, and way more!

Since Mia was teeny tiny she has been talking about wanting to be a Vet when she grows up, so she was very excited to receive the Pet Vet Clinic  and Pet Dog to review! The Pet Vet Clinic includes everything that a child needs to be a great vet take care of lots of stuffed animals! Mia was amazed by all of the items included in this set! You receive vet tools such as a stethoscope, thermometer, tweezers, etc; as well as jars, medicine jars, cotton swabs, cotton balls, and tons more! It also includes a Vet sign, a waiting room sign, office hours, a small clipboard, and checkup forms! As soon as we received this item Mia asked me to hand the Vet and office hours sign up on her door. Once those were hung up she began to play! She has played with this Pet Vet Clinic set pretty much daily since receiving it and tells me very often that it is one of her favorite toys! I love watching her use her imagination to play with this set, and watching her continue to learn about different items that a Vet uses. Our next purchases are definitely going to be the doctor's set and the school set!

I am sure that you will find an item at Lakeshore Learning that is perfect for every child on your holiday shopping list, and what a better gift to give than the gift of learning. 

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