It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Holiday Gift Guide: Hello Kitty Fun at the Fair Mega Bloks Review! - Alexandra


Holiday Gift Guide: Hello Kitty Fun at the Fair Mega Bloks Review! - Alexandra

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My daughter absolutely loves toys that allow her to build so she was very excited when she received the Hello Kitty Fun at the Fair set from Mega Bloks! She has also recently learned to follow the instructions when putting together Mega Bloks sets. Watching her assemble this set mostly on her own was really awesome. Keep reading to learn more about this fun set and the other character block sets that Mega Bloks offers!

How can you not love Hello Kitty?! She is super adorable and all of the items for her are always bright and fun. The Fun at the Fair set comes with 223 pieces and a fun sticker sheet to decorate your set. There are two collectible figurines included, Hello Kitty in a fair outfit and her friend Rorry. Using the instructions and the pieces you can build a duck merry-go-round, a Hello Kitty Ferris wheel, a teddy bear ball toss carnival game, and a ticket booth. You can also build this set two different ways!

Mia had so much fun building this set. It didn't take her too much time to build and she required minimal help from me while following the instructions. She loves having pieces from other building sets visit the Hello Kitty Fair!

I am sure that you have see Mega Bloks sets in stores in both their small block sets and their First Builders sets but did you know that Mega Bloks also sells character sets?! Their character sets come in many different options ranging from Barbie to HALO, Hot Wheels, Thomas and Friends, Skylanders, and way more! They definitely have the perfect set for every child on your holiday shopping list!

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