It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Holiday Gift Guide: Glob Colors Paints! -Suzi


Holiday Gift Guide: Glob Colors Paints! -Suzi

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. 
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I was chosen to review Glob Colors for our Holiday Review Guide! Glob Colors are 100% natural fruit, veggie and herb based paints. Glob Colors specialize in earth friendly art supplies, including craft paints, Easter egg paints, and the only non-nano face paints available. Ashley Phelps started Glob Colors after becoming a grade school art teacher. Before that she was an independent artist, who had several reactions to the chemical additives in her paints, which she just accepted as part of the territory. Once she started teaching children she realized she need to find healthier, safer alternative's. When she could not locate any green supplies she began developing her own. Making her paints from plant, vegetable, and herbs she successfully created vibrant, all natural colors. The organic material inside the ingredients naturally brings vibrant, beautiful hues. To find out what I thought of Glob Colors and to learn more please continue reading.

When I received the Glob Colors I was instantly curious. I have always known that these natural ingredients were bright, beautiful colors. However, I had never seen the results and couldn't wait to get started.

You receive everything you need to make your colors when you purchase a package of the paints. In my set there is 6 plastic containers with lids, six colors, and two bamboo paint brushes. It is then very simple to mix your colors. You first pour a small amount of the powder color (make only as much as you need!), then slowly add the equal amount of water, mix with the brush, and you are ready to paint. I did have an issue with getting the right consistency needed to paint. I started with a half a teaspoon of powder and a half a teaspoon of water and the paint didn't mix well. To fix this I just added a tiny bit of water at a time and mixed until the right consistency. I believe my issue was that you can make a heaping teaspoon of powder, but it's not possible to make a heaping teaspoon of water.

Each color has an amazing scent to it. They all smell like the organic material that went into making it: Green =Basil, Red = Pomegranate, Yellow = Lemon Verbena, Orange = Tangerine, Blue = Berry, and Purple = Plum. You know longer have to smell the chemicals of paints but enjoy the delicious aroma of each color.

The color results of these paints are that of water colors. Yet, they are vibrant and stand out. The mess wipes away nicely and I had no need for newspaper or a plastic sheet when allowing my kids to paint with the Glob Colors.

I would highly recommend Glob Colors for a holiday gift! These paints are great and fun for all ages! These paints will bring so much fun and creativity to your little ones, without the added stress to you about permanent messes, chemical additives, and smelly alternatives.

Thank you, Glob Colors! I enjoyed reviewing your 100% natural Paints! -Suzi

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