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Holiday Gift Guide: Create with Crayola! - Alexandra

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Who doesn't love Crayola?! Their bright colors, fun products, and creative art supplies are sure to keep children busy for hours, provide tons of fun, and encourage a child to use their imagination! Crayola products are perfect for the upcoming holiday season! Their items are perfect gifts, great stocking stuffers, and can be paired together to create amazing gift baskets!

I recently got to review one of Crayola's wonderful new products the Projector Light Designer! This designer comes with six reusable drawing sheets and six markers. With this product children are able to turn any ceiling into their art gallery! Children create on reusable plastic drawing sheets and then project them on to ceilings and walls. With this fun new product you are able to trace an image onto the drawing sheets, layer drawing sheets one on top of another to create multidimensional designs, or write out words/sayings for others to read. This product has a fixed-focus projection lens which can magnify creations up to 20 times larger than the original size!

My daughter absolutely loves the Projector Light Designer! She loves drawing on the discs and seeing her creations on the ceiling. She was so excited to draw a picture, run and turn off the lights, and look up to see her designs! I love that this toy has a space to store markers when they are not in use so that children are less likely to use them. I also love that this item is not very large so that you need to find a place to store it!

Crayola also has tons of amazing products that make perfect for the holiday season! From their classic products like crayons, colored pencils, and markers to their products like Silly Putty and Window Markers you are guaranteed to find a perfect gift for everyone! Every Christmas my daughter Mia gets new crayons, markers, and colored pencils in her stocking along with some fun and newer Crayola products. These products are definitely the gift that keeps on giving. You give the supplies, children give their artwork!

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