It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Holiday Gift Guide: Commodity Goods Women Review! - Alexandra


Holiday Gift Guide: Commodity Goods Women Review! - Alexandra

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. 
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Anyone who knows me well knows that I am probably the most picky person in the world when it comes to fragrances. It is always hard for me to find the perfect scent that smells wonderful and isn't too strong but is long lasting. Enter Commodity Goods! Their wonderful fragrances have changed the way that I look at scents. Keep reading to learn more about Commodity Goods and their scents!

Commodity Good has teamed up with a 160 year old French fragrance house to craft their collection. They start with premium aromatic oils from all over the world to create a more complex fragrance and each scent is hand bottled in Southern California. Each scent is a Eau de Parfum concentrate so that is lasts longer on you throughout the day.

Commodity Goods makes finding the perfect fragrance for you easy with their try-at-home Fitting Kit. Each kit includes 10 scents from either the women's or men's collection. These fitting kits are like bringing a fragrance counter right to you. You are able to try each scent at different times and find the scents that are your favorites. After receiving the fitting kit and trying each scent for a bit I chose two wonderful scents to review!

The first scent that I received to review is Gold. Of the scents in the fitting kits Gold was the scent that immediately stood out to me.  Gold is a rich concoction of Molten Amber and Nubian Musk. There are many notes of this scent including Juniper Berries, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and more. Gold is said to be great for nights and special occasions but I have also used it in the day. I love that this scent lasts me throughout the time that I would like it too without me needing to use it again. 

When I was trying the scents in the fitting kit I never expected that Mimosa would be one of my favorites. After trying this scent I immediately fell in love with it. This scent meant for the day time reminds me of Sunday Brunch paired with a Mimosa. The notes in Mimosa include citrus scents such as Red Orange and Mandarin as well as many others such as Jasmine, and Geranium. Each morning that I put on this scent is immediately brightens up my day.

Commodity Good has a scent for all of the adults on your holiday shopping list. You can pick a scent for them or give a testing kit and allow the recipient to pick their own. Their options along with the Testing Kits make a perfect way to allow your recipient to try different scents and pick their favorites. 

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