It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Holiday Gift Guide: CicciaBella Cowgirl Riders Review! -Suzi


Holiday Gift Guide: CicciaBella Cowgirl Riders Review! -Suzi

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. 

All reviews reflect my personal opinion and experience*

I was given the opportunity to review for the Holiday guide, CicciaBella Slippers. CicciaBella, meaning pretty little one in Italian, has an interest story behind it. Beginning the story with Cindy and Giorgio Farina, this slipper manufacture was able to bring one woman's dream to reality. In 2003, Adria Laxon, was shopping with her best friend, when she discovered her first pair. Owning a gallery by the name of Ciel Gallery, Adria just knew she had to sell these slippers. Seven years later, and two of her own designs for the company, Adria was able to fulfill her greatest dream, purchasing CicciaBella. To find out more about the CicciaBella, and the slippers I received, please continue reading!

I received a pair of slippers from the Tall Prairie Cowgirl Collection. I was absolutely ecstatic that I was able to receive this slippers as a review item! These slippers are soft on the outside and definitely warm on the inside. They have a very sturdy sole, unlike most slippers, that allows me to wear them outside without worrying about ruining them and give you more support than your soft soled slippers. I have worn these slippers everywhere around our place. I have walked my son to the bus stop (dirt driveway), I've even worn them to feed the horses! The sole is still in very good shape. 

The fleece on the inside of the slipper is soft and warm, usually for me it wears out quickly, with CicciaBella slippers, it already is lasting longer than my previous pair of slippers. They have great pull on straps just like your normal boots would. I love how these Cicciabella slippers do not have my feet slipping around inside of them. 

I would definitely recommend these beautifully crafted slippers to the cowgirl on your list! They are so comfortable, warm, and versatile that she will definitely love to be seen rocking them! They have many different styles to chose from. You don't have to have these great cowgirl boot slippers, there are so many different styles to choose from. Since you can find these at many retail locations, this is a great gift that won't add to your shipping costs!

Thank you so much CicciaBella for allowing me to review your great slippers! -Suzi  

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