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Holiday Gift Guide: Capresso Review! - Suzi

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. 
All reviews reflect my personal opinion and experience* 

I was given the opportunity to review this great product by Capresso. Capresso sent me their On-the-Go Personal Coffee Maker. Capresso was founded in 1994. Their mission was to bring the best coffee to those who demanded the best. They have merged with Jura AG, which was founded in 1931, in Switzerland. Bringing these two companies together, has created a sophisticated new coffee company that offers no compromise in their value of coffee. They deliver the best to those who will accept no less. Continue reading below to see what I thought about my personal coffee maker!

I have always wanted to purchase a personal coffee pot, yet I've never known which one to get! I am a huge coffee freak. On my day's off I will have a pot going all day long. My coffee pot usually gets a break once I'm in bed. When I was chosen to review the Capresso I was absolutely ecstatic! I wasn't quite sure how to use one, I didn't know if you purchased those little cups with single serving grounds in them, or you could use your own so I played around. Well for starters, if you use those little single serving cups, you have to rip the lid and pour the grounds in. There is no way for it to brew otherwise. You can also use your favorite canister coffee, you just need one to two scoops, depending on how strong you like your coffee,. I make, what we call, cowboy coffee. The stronger the better so I used about two and a half scoops. 

You can also purchase little single serving pouches that sit in the filter, pouch and all. I was very glad I was at a hotel this week so I could get a picture of these pouches! I live in a small town so sometimes these types of things are very hard to find. 

I did a lot of playing around with my Personal Coffee Maker. I even used one of my other travel mugs to see if they worked with the Capresso On-the-Go. In the picture you will see that it was a tight fit but I was able to use a different mug to go with this coffee maker! I loved that. Now I can make my husband a to-go cup and myself one as well! This personal coffee maker is so great! I absolutely love it. 

I would definitely recommend this as a gift for that special coffee lover on your list! Thank you, Capresso, for allowing me the opportunity to review your great product!

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