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Holiday Gift Guide: Brick Popper Review! - Nicole

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How many Legos would you guess that you've thrown out because you just couldn't get them unstuck? I couldn't tell you how many we have. I've broken finger nails trying, used butter knives and other strange objects. I have even resorted to using my teeth. I know, that is a huge no no, but Legos are just so pricy that I was desperate not to throw them away!

When we found out about Brick Popper, Aries and I were all too happy to review it! This tool is designed to help you get even the most stuck together bricks apart, without damaging the bricks or hurting yourself. Bring out those tubs of Legos that couldn't be unstuck, because there is now a solution! Keep reading to learn about Brick Popper and to get a chance to win one!

The Brick Popper is small enough for little hands to use, but not so small that an adult can't use it. It has an easy to grip handle with a spoke design to get those specialty bricks apart. The metal end has a lip that makes it quick and easy to pop apart the Legos.

Brick Popper works for more than just Lego. Any brick type toy could benefit from this tool. Aries actually took to using it easier than I did. He had no problems popping his first few Legos apart, and I was fumbling with it. Once I got the hang of it though, it was super easy.

Brick Popper would make a great stocking stuffer, and we have three to give away to our readers!

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