It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Holiday Gift Guide: Beados Quick Dry Design Station Review! - Alexandra


Holiday Gift Guide: Beados Quick Dry Design Station Review! - Alexandra

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Mia and I love doing arts and crafts together. We love finding fun kits that will keep us busy for a while and are fun! Since trying out Beados my daughter has become obsessed and loves spending her free time creating! Beados are fun, simple, and mess free! Keep reading to learn more about Beados and the Beados Quick Dry Design Station!

We received the Beados Quick Dry Design Station to try out and we love it! This product is an all in one station for children (or parents) to make, spray, and dry Beados! This station has has a fan to dry your Beados in half of the time it usually takes just leaving them out to dry; it also has lots of bead pod storage! With this kit you receive 500 Beados, a scoop pen, a spray bottle, and more! It makes creating shapes with Beados such much easier!

Beados come with templates of how to make certain shapes by showing you where to put each Beado and what color to put where. Once you are done placing the Beados it will look like the shape outlined, such as a bunny, puppy, butterfly, and more! After all of the Beados are placed all that you have to do is spray the design with 5 or 6 sprays of water. You then place it under the fan, turn the fan on, and leave it for a bit until it is try and ready to remove. Once it is dry you are all finished! It is as simple as that! No ironing, no glue, it is as simple as water and letting it dry!

Mia absolutely loves Beados! I attended Blogger Bash over the summer in NYC and received a sample size single set to make one design with Beados, a fish! Mia loved making this design so I am not at all surprised that she loved making other designs with the Beados Quick Dry Design Station. I love that Beados are something simple enough that she could do them herself if I was busy but that they are fun enough that I love doing them with her! Beados have kept Mia busy for hours and she has already asked for more for Christmas!

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