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Wonderfully Wicked Witches Review! - Alexandra

*I am a member of the Parragon Books Book Buddies program and 
received all items at no cost  to use for review or article purposes!*

I am a member of the Book Buddies program for Parragon Books and one of the fun items that I received for the month of October was an art kit called Wonderfully Wicked Witches! This kit is a craft kit to help you create a magical coven of witches! Keep reading to learn more about this boxed kit and what it includes!

In this box you receive felt, thread, buttons, and stuffing so that you can make your own Wicked Witch! There is a book included in this kit that contains illustrated step by step instructions on how to make eight different witches!

I found that the easiest way to make these witches it to photocopy the page/s of the book that you are going to need to make your witch. Once you photo copy it you can cut them out and trace them on the felt. There is enough felt and stuffing in the box to make one or two withes depending on which you choose but you may want to get additional colors to make any extra pieces for the witches that are shown in the instructions. I also recommend getting some type of glue for certain parts that are much easier glued than sewn on. 

This kit was a little bit frustrating for my daughter since there wasn't too much that she could do to help, but she is only five. I think that this would be an excellent kit for children around age 8 or older because they will be able to more on their own. 

I love Parragon Books and their amazing selection of items! They have many holiday themed items, character themed books, cook books, and more!

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