It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: OUR TOP HOLIDAY TOY PICKS OF 2014!: Lalaloopsy Girls! - Alexandra


OUR TOP HOLIDAY TOY PICKS OF 2014!: Lalaloopsy Girls! - Alexandra

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My daughter has loved Lalaloopsy toys since they came out a few years ago. Recently we saw that they now came out with Lalaloopsy girls and we were so excited to learn more about them. Once we saw these adorable new dolls we knew that they were going to be a huge hit this holiday season! Keep reading to learn why we chose Lalaloopsy Girls as a Toy Holiday Toy of 2014 and to enter a giveaway to win a Lalaloopsy Girl!

The Lalaloopsy girls are grown up and off to school! These friends are now attending the silliest school in the land, The Lalaloopsy Academy for the Learning Arts (L.A.L.A)! Every Lalaloopsy girl character has a unique personality based on what she is made from! Lalaloopsy Girl dolls help to promote individuality and encourage girls to be themselves. Every Lalaloopsy Girls doll comes with a girl, a comb, and a pet! Some dolls even come with pajamas as well as their outfit. Their outfits are so cute and perfect to match their personalities! Their hair is made of lanyard for hair play! With some of the dolls part of their hair is able to change color when wet.

Mia received Bea Spells a Lot! Bea was sewn from a school girl's uniform and loves math, reading, studying and her pet owl. Bea came with her school outfit, a pair of pajamas, a comb, two hair clips, a pet owl, and a hair clip for the little girl who receives her! Mia was so excited when Bea arrived and asked me to take her out of the package to play with right away. After playing with her for about five minutes Mia asked me if we could purchase a second Lalaloopsy Girls doll. After a few days of excellent behavior and keeping on top of things that she is asked to do I took her to let her pick a second doll and she chose Jewel Sparkles. Mia loves to play with her Lalaloopsy Girls. She has asked for more for Christmas and has said that they need to come out with a school playset for them. I love that Lalaloopsy dolls help to get Mia to use her imagination during play and that they teach her to express her individuality. If you have a child who loves Lalaloopsy than these new Girls are perfect for them! The Lalaloopsy Girls movie is also now available to purchase on DVD or watch on Netflix!

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  1. I really want to look into these, I think my Daughter would love Lalaloopsy!

  2. I had no idea! Great review & giveaway..thanks :)

  3. My daughters would love one of these! I love their hair! I entered in the giveaway as well. Thanks for the chance.

  4. I know who they are but we havnt watched much of them yet. They freak my husband out tho lol..he is a dork! GREAT giveaway you are gonna make one little girl super happy or "santa" a happy shopper!

  5. I have only seen the show a few times, never seen a doll in person. My niece would love these! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  6. Such a dun doll for little girls. I remember my kids watching the show when they were little. Mia's hair is so pretty!

  7. I think these dolls are so cute! I bet my youngest would love them! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  8. My younger sister would love the opportunity to win this! She loves those dolls, I on the other hand am a bit freaked out by there "Coraline" button eyes.