It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: OUR TOP HOLIDAY TOY PICKS OF 2014!: Crashlings! - Alexandra


OUR TOP HOLIDAY TOY PICKS OF 2014!: Crashlings! - Alexandra

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A few months ago I learned about Crashlings at a blogger event that Gina and I attended. As soon as we saw these fun collectible figures we knew that they would be a huge hit this holiday season! Keep reading to learn more about Crashlings and find out why!

Crashlings are explorers crashing from planet to planet! Along their adventure they discover new species, friends, and enemies. Crashlings are so unique and varied! There are aliens, slimy monsters, insects, dinosaurs, and strange sea life. All of these things are crashing together in one fun and giant space adventure! Crashlings come in 4 packs, 10 packs, and there are also playsets!

My daughter loves Crashlings! She was so excited to open her first package since some were hidden inside of meteors, so it was a surprise as to which she received. She loves playing with the meteors and making them hit the "planets" that her Crashlings live on. She also loves to use the Crashlings as aliens for her dollhouse figures, superhero figures, and more! She has asked for more Crashlings for Christmas and we are definitely going to be getting her some! They also make great stocking stuffers, grab bag gift, or small extra gifts to go along with a larger gift! You can find Crashlings in a Toys R Us near you!

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