It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: OUR TOP HOLIDAY TOY PICKS OF 2014!: Fash'Em and Mash'Em! - Alexandra


OUR TOP HOLIDAY TOY PICKS OF 2014!: Fash'Em and Mash'Em! - Alexandra

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If you have never heard of Fash'Em or Mash'Em you are missing out! These fun toys from Tech 4 Kids are so fun for kids ages 4 and up! We love that these small squishable toys come in many of your children's favorite characters! Keep reading to learn all about Fash'Ems an Mash'ems!

The main difference between a Fash'em and a Mash'em is the type of character that they include! Some of the characters that are Fash'ems are Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Disney Princesses, and more! Some of the characters that are Mash'ems are Disney Pixar, Marvel, Ninja Turtles, and more! You can purchase These fun toys in two different ways! The first way is in a "blind pack" where you purchase a capsule with a surprise character inside and the second is in a pack where you clearly see what characters (and sometimes accessories) you are purchasing!

We received two My Little Pony and two Hello Kitty Fash'em packs to play with and review! Each Fash'em includes an outfit for the character so that you can dress them up! Mia loves Hello Kitty and My Little Pony so she was really excited to receive these Fash'ems! She loved playing with the characters and dressing them up! She was playing with them together and with lots of other figures. Because these characters are squishy they can sometimes get a bit of pet hair or dirt on them after a bit of time. I love that you can just rinse them in warm water to remove anything that got stuck to it!

Mash'ems and Fash'ems make perfect stocking stuffers this upcoming holiday season. 
They would also be perfect in a gift basket, as a part of a larger gift, or in goody bags for parties! 

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