It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: OUR TOP HOLIDAY TOY PICKS OF 2014!: Beatrix Girls! - Alexandra


OUR TOP HOLIDAY TOY PICKS OF 2014!: Beatrix Girls! - Alexandra

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If you have children who love dolls and love music The Beatrix Girls would make a perfect holiday gift for them! Keep reading to learn why we chose The Beatrix Girls dolls as one of our Top Holiday Picks of 2014!

The Beatrix Girls are musicians, dolls, and role models for young girls! They are an accomplished band and each member of the band sings, plays an instrument, and writes the songs. These girls have obtained their star success through talent and hard work and are youthful, fun, and full of spunk.

Beatrix Girls dolls are 12 inches tall and each doll has an adorable outfit on. On the package of each doll there is a little bit about them such as where they are from and what their interests are. This gives girls something to relate to and helps them to see these dolls are more than just a doll. On the Beatrix Girls website you are able to listen to music from The Beatrix Girls, watch videos, and see photos!

My daughter, Mia, received Lark! Lark plays the bass for The Beatrix Girls! She likes skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding! She is from Boston so her favorite things are corned beef sandwiches, boston baked beans, potato pancakes, and the Boston Red Sox. Mia loves playing with Lark! She loves to make her play her bass for her stuffed animals. She also has music from The Beatrix Girls on her iPad and listens to it often. She has asked for Ainsley, Brayden, and Chantal for Christmas.

I think that my favorite thing about The Beatrix Girls is that they give Mia a positive example to look up to. These dolls encourage creativity, following your dreams, and the importance of friendship. These three things are very important to us and I love that she is able to learn these messages through play.

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  1. Cute dolls. Better then some scary looking ones!

  2. My oldest usually has an aversion to dolls, but I think she might like these since they're musicians & not freaky looking. I'll have to show her these to find out if I should add them to her wishlist or not. Thanks for sharing! (Unless she wants them all - then thanks for making me go broke! LOL)

  3. I like girls who love dolls. Unfortunately, my daughter doesn't lol. This is one pretty doll.

  4. These dolls look really fun and unique. I think my 6 year old would really like them!

  5. I have never heard of these but I love the red hair on her!! Super cute!

  6. I love the Beatrix Dolls! My daughters have one as well. They got it last year and we love it. They're great dolls and beautiful hair too!