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Celebrate Halloween With PEEPS & COMPANY! - Alexandra

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. 
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In my house we love celebrating holidays with fun themed candy. One of the first types that comes to mind each holiday is PEEPS! Who can resist these adorable little marshmallows, especially when they are themed?! Did you know that Mike and Ike is also part of the PEEPS & Company family? They are and now they are joining in on the holiday fun too with themed treats! This Halloween we are celebrating with tons of goodies from PEEPS & Company and totally loving it! Keep reading to learn about the goodies that we received!

As soon as we received this box my daughter recognized the PEEPS logo and wanted to see what was inside. Once I opened up the box her hands went for the huge purple PEEP bunny! She has been bringing it everywhere with us since! It is so soft and so cute, she absolutely loves it! 

Now on to the candy!

In our box we received two - three packs of PEEPS ghosts, two - eight packs of PEEPS pumpkins, a box of ten green PEEPS chicks that also came with a stuffed green PEEPS witch, and two milk chocolate covered PEEPS! As soon as I saw the ghosts and pumpkins so many ideas were running through my head of fun recipes to do with them! The first I already shared on the blog, PEEPS Dirt Cups! You can see the recipe HERE! I have another recipe that I made with the ghosts and I cannot wait to share, they are PEEPS Brownies Smores! Yum! My daughter loves eating PEEPS straight from the package, but I can't help having a little fun with them too! The day that our package came after she stole the bunny she took one of the milk chocolate covered PEEPS to hide for after dinner. She was so excited to snack on it! 

We also received some Mike and Ike products too which I thought was super exciting because they are my favorites! We received a bag of Mummy's mix which includes lemon, orange, lime, grape, and raspberry flavored candy and a bag of Vampire Variety which includes cherry, raspberry, grape, watermelon, and fruit punch flavored candy! We also received a tube of Mummy's Mix which has an adorable little mummy on the top! We loved these fun Mike and Ike themed snacks. I may or may not have eaten the whole back of Vampire Variety, that will be my little secret, haha.
PEEPS & Company products are perfect for this Halloween and the fall season! In stores you can find tons of different candy options such as the ones listed above, marshmallow cats, milk chocolate dipped chicks, different sizes of Mike and Ike's fall mixes, and more! I think that one of my favorite items this Halloween are individually wrapped smaller sized marshmallow chicks that are perfect to hand out to trick or treaters! PEEPS & Company has a perfect item for your Halloween! Be sure to keep an eye out for them the next time you are out shopping!

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