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Yoobi Review! - Alexandra

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. 
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I'm not going to lie, one of my favorite things is back to school shopping! I love getting new notebooks, pencils, pens, fun accessories, and more! I don't go to school anymore but lucky for me my daughter just started kindergarten so I get to experience the fun all over again! Recently when shopping in my local Target I came across these amazing, bright, and fun school supplies and knew that I had to work with them, this brand is called Yoobi! Keep reading to learn more about this seriously awesome company and enter a giveaway to win two of their products.

Yoobi has set out on a mission to help classrooms in the US  have everything they need, and even their company name supports this mission. Yoobi means "One for you, one for me." For every Yoobi item you purchase an item is donated to a classroom in the US. While visiting their website I looked at the statistics listed of how much money teachers often pay out of pocket for their classroom and I was shocked. Did you know that 99.5% of teachers buy essential classroom materials and that they typically spend around $485 a year out of pocket for their classrooms. After reading these statistics I stood behind Yoobi's mission even more!

I mentioned earlier in this review that Yoobi's products stood out to me while shopping. Their products are bright and fun. They use bright color and dynamic designs because they think that what is inside your backpack or on your desk should inspire you to be creative and want to learn. My daughter loves her Yoobi school supplies and I even have some of these products at my desk for myself! Yoobi offers products such as notebooks and folders, desk supplies, writing supplies, arts and crafts, and even products for organization. One of my favorite things about Yoobi is that their products are such an amazing price. None of their products are exceptionally expensive and are about the same price as other brands or even lower in price. I think that it is amazing that you can help classrooms in need while still staying on a budget. Their products are also very good quality so they are worth every penny. You can buy Yoobi products on their website or exclusively at Target! Now on to the super fun products that we received!

In our box of Yoobi goodies (which arrived packaged adorably and like a gift for us!) we received: a Fuzzy Pencil Case, Jumbo Crayons, Color Layer Markers, Mini Highlighters, Mini Supply Kit, and Pretzel Erasers! As soon as we opened the package Mia was yelling at me because she wanted to try the Color Layer Markers. These markers are so cool! Most of the markers in the pack are a Step 1 marker, you color with it, then use a Step 2 marker over it and it changes the color! Mia was so excited and thought it was magic! She also loves her Jumbo Crayons which are bright colors! I love the mini highlighters that we received! These highlighters come in a  ten pack of super fun colors! I love that these colors are fun and vibrant and unlike any other highlighter color that I have seen before. My twelve year old sister loves the Pretzel Erasers! She uses them in school and at home for homework. She loves untwisting them and then twisting them back up. Mia is obsessed with the Fuzzy Pencil Case! She keeps making me feel it and talking about how soft it is, haha. She keeps all of her pencils at home in it so they are convenient to find when doing homework. I think that my favorite item that we received is the Mini Office Kit! In this kit you receive a mini pencil sharpener, mini scissors, mini tape and a refill, a mini stapler and mini staples, a mini staple remover, and a mini hole puncher. This kit includes so many things that I would need and is perfect for keeping in my desk. The kit is a convenient small size and keeps me organized too.

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