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Snikiddy Review! - Gina

You know when you want to indulge on a whole bag or chips, cheese doodles or just anything you know your going to regret? Yeah I don't anymore! My family is now Snikiddy obsessed! When we saw Grilled Cheese Sandwich Puffs and Baked Mac n Cheese Puffs, I knew it would be the beginning of a new favorite food! Keep reading to see what I thought of the snacks I reviewed!

Snikiddy was founded with families actively looking for healthier foods that satisfy snack cravings. 

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich Puffs are shaped like cute little cheese balls! They have a delicious aged cheddar cheese flavor and are BAKED to perfection!  I absolutely love the Mac n Cheese Puffs! They have a perfect taste of mild white cheddar cheese and a touch of buttermilk. They are also baked, so no guilty feelings. These puffs are gluten free, made with non-gmo corn and contain no MSG. They contain no trans fat, they are also low in saturated fat, they are also vegetarian friendly and made in a facility that does not manufacture any products containing peanuts or tree nuts.

Snikiddy also has other types of snacks such as their "Baked Fries" and "Eat Your Vegetables". With Snikiddy you can pass on the greasy fries and go for the perfect baked fries, all the flavor, half the fat! Eat your vegetables are delicious veggie chips! They combine amazing chip taste with so much veggie goodness!!

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