It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Sheer Cover Studio Review! thanks to ModernMom! - Alexandra


Sheer Cover Studio Review! thanks to ModernMom! - Alexandra

*I received all products for free through a campaign with Sheer Cover Studio and ModernMom. I am receiving no additional compensation for this post. 
All opinion are my own.*

I have incredibly sensitive skin, most make up makes me break out horribly but that is not at all the case with SheerCover Studio makeup! Natural makeup from Sheer Cover Studio can over imperfections including dark circles, age spots, red spots, acne, and more! It can also cover challenging concerns such as rosacea and birthmarks. This makeup uses their patented Trueshade Technology which adapts itself to match the color of your skin providing no blending or mistakes. Sheer Cover Studio Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation contains 100% natural minerals. It contains no preservatives or chemicals, no talc, no silicones, and no dyes. It is also sweat proof, allergy tested, and dermatologist tested. Keep reading to see what I thought of Sheer Cover Studio's Makeup!

My favorite thing about this makeup is how quickly it is to apply! I applied the concealer, foundation, bronzer, and mascara in around five minutes and my skin looked flawless. I also love how much coverage this makeup provides without leaving me feeling like I have a ton of makeup caked on. I have found that the lighter color of the concealer works perfectly to cover up my blemishes while the foundation works to even out my skin tone. I also absolutely love the mascara and fibers! These two products make my lashes look amazing. I have fairly short and light lashes but you would never be able to tell when I use these products!

When I first heard about this makeup from Sheer Cover Studio I expected to see a huge price tag. Normally companies with such high end products would have super high prices, but not Sheer Cover Studio, their prices are completely affordable at only $39.95 for a kit! Once you try this makeup you will realize that these products are beyond worth this price tag. Makeup from Sheer Cover Studio isn't only good at covering your imperfections, it is actually good for your skin!

Thank you so much to Sheer Cover Studio for this amazing makeup! 
I am definitely a lifetime customer! 

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