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Rany Zany Review! - Alexandra

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My daughter is obsessed with boots but her favorite type is definitely rain boots which is why I was so excited to team up with Rany Zany! Rany Zany is a family ran and operated company started due to the lack of something on the market: playful yet modern and fashionable children's rain boots! This small company works to bring color and fun to rain gear while remaining comfortable and modern! Keep reading to see what we thought of the rain boots that we received!

Mia and I have shopped for rain boots every year and we usually have minimal options. The options available for children are typically either a plain color or have a character on them. We were unable to find a pair that had fun deigns and were still comfortable, until we found Rany Zany that is! Rain boots from Rany Zany have a waterproof upper, a robber outsole, a removable cushioned insole, and a soft cotton lining. Mia chose to review a pair of rain boots called Heart to Heart which are pink with hearts on them! She loves the fun and bright pattern. As soon as we received these boots Mia opened the box and put them on. We went out the next morning to and she told me that she needed to wear her rain boots even though it wasn't raining. Mia has not complained at all about her feet hurting while wearing her boots and she has worn them for long periods of time. These boots are super easy to clean after being out and in the rain and sometimes mud. Everything rinses off easily and they still have stayed in perfect condition. I love that boots from Rany Zany are fun and that Mia's feet are comfortable in them. They are perfect to have for back to school so that her feet can stay dry on rainy days. Mia's rain boots from Rany Zany are absolutely her new favorite fashion accessory. Now Mia can have all of the fun of jumping in puddles and I don't have to worry about the clean up of shoes! I wish that Rany Zany made rain boots in my size!

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