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Nomie Baby Review! - Gina

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. 
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We recently got to work with a company called Nomie Baby! Nomie Baby is a company that was founded by mom of three, Katie, after her baby spilled formula in her carseat. When trying to clean it she noticed the instructions said "Do not machine wash" and thought that their had to be an easier way than spot treating! After much research Nomie Baby was born! Keep reading to learn more about the cover that I got to review and a bit more about Nomie Baby!

Nomie Baby creator, Katie, worked to create a perfect solution for carseat and stroller covers. She developed fabrics which consist of a silky soft layer that goes against the child's skin, a comfortable padding to help absorb spills, and a wicking material that is treated to make it waterproof. 

We got to review the "Royal Blue Infant Cozy Footmuff" which I used for my son as a stroller cover/blanket. Even though we haven't used it outside yet since it's still warm out, I KNOW that it will be used during the winter! The royal blue cozy footmuff is fleece-lined with a wind resistant outer layer keeping our little ones snug as a bug! This Footmuff acts as a stroller blanket, but is easily secured in place using the straps from your stroller. It has velcro sections to open and set your straps in with ease! The full, easy to zip around, footmuff protects children from wind and bad weather. It also includes a pocket in the front towards the bottom, which is perfect for storing pacifiers, snacks, or small toys. The Infant Cosy Footmuff is designed with a universal fit to work with all strollers and joggers, it is also washable in a washing machine and dryer friendly for an easy clean! We can't wait to use the Infant Cozy Footmuff from Nomie Baby this autumn and winter! 

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