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Kidecals Review! - Suzi

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A couple weeks ago I was given the opportunity to review Kidecals! These water proof, kid proof labels are printed on self adhesive vinyl. The Eco Sol Ink and clear coat laminate make sure you are getting the best durability. Kidecals is doing constant research to provide you with the safest, greenest material and printing practices available. These decals can be stuck to any surface. They are durable enough to with stand anything a kid can throw at them. They paint their own decals, as well as, creating their own graphic designs. Many labels can be customized to match your taste. To learn more and see what I thought about Kidecals, continue reading below!

Left: Just out of Dishwasher Right: two weeks later
I chose to put my Kidecals on my water bottles I use for work. I am the worst with losing or leaving my stuff places (I mean even worse than kids are!), so these Kidecals have come in handy! As I was reading through all the FAQ's asked by visitor's to the Kidecals website I noticed a question about them being dishwasher safe, so that became my first experiment. I honestly thought there's no way that could be possible it gets so hot inside there they've got to come off, but as you can see from my picture with the cup still in the dishwasher it is absolutely possible! I have since washed it three more times and the decal is still going strong. The other water bottle I used it on is one that can not be put in the dishwasher. I chose this water bottle because it always seems to have a lot of condensation on it. So again, I tested the decals water proofing. The label is still intact and it's been over two weeks since putting the label on. These decals can also be used as clothing labels. They are machine washable!

Kidecals does recommend the correct application to ensure your labels integrity. You do not want to place the labels on anything that is rough or stippled. If you purchase a wall decal make sure your fresh paint has had at least two weeks to cure. To apply your label you need to start with a clean, dry surface. Once you have your label in place it's as easy as taking the edge of your bank card and rubbing out the bubbles and smoothing the label. Then your labels are ready for abuse!

Thank you Kidecals for allowing me to review your great decals! -Suzi

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