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Happy National Grandparents Day!

Happy National Grandparents Day! We wanted to take some time today to be sure to celebrate grandparents and how amazing they are! National Grandparents Day is a secular holiday that has been celebrated in the United States since 1978 and is officially recognized in a number of other countries on other various days of the year. Since hundreds of years ago grandparents have been the center of families. Grandparents are often the ones who are the caregivers for children, they are often the cooks of the family, the people who give wisdom, the hostesses of holidays, and so much more.  

Some of our readers testaments on grandparents!

"Looking back on my childhood, some of my fondest memories include my grandparents. I spent a lot of time with them and am so fortunate and thankful for their love and support. Lucky for me I get to see my children love them just as much as I do and it fills me up with so much happiness. My children are so lucky to have the grandparents they have and I couldn't imagine life without them." - Samantha 

"My mother's parents, my gram and pop, were always there for me growing up. My mom worked 2-3 jobs, and so my grandparents had me alk the time. I got my sarcasm from my pop, no doubt and so many more things from grandmother. As I got older, I got a chance to get know my dads mother, my other grandma, who I hadn't been close to growing up, and we're so similar its not even funny. So my mom's parents got to really help raise me as a kid, my dad's mom gets to be like my best friend in adulthood. Without All of them, there's no way I'm me." - Krystin

"Without my inlaws, I wouldn't be able to do anything with my hubby! They are super about keeping her or just wanting to see her at anytime of the day. My mom is the best grandma. When Sophie just wants to "talk" she will sit on the phone forever just talking away. When my dad was alive, Sophie was his sunshine. He would save all his change just for her. She was his angel face and she adored him!" - Crystle

"My paternal grandparents are some of the most important people in my life. My father passed away when I was two and they stepped up to make sure that my mother had everything she needed for me and took me every weekend to spend it with them. Some of my best childhood memories involve them. They have been so supportive and amazing and I admire them and their strength so much. My mother is the most amazing grandmother I could ever imagine for my daughter. She loves her unconditionally, does anything she can for her, and is my daughter's favorite person. I am so grateful for her, more so every day." - Alexandra

"My daughter Miranda's great grandmother is a amazing, dedicated, family woman. Who at 70 years old went through triple bypass surgery and made it out on top. She has dedicated three years of her life to taking care of her 97 year old mother, and still dedicates her life to not only her 23 and 20 year old grandsons but also to her two year old great granddaughter, and to her own children." - Casey

Thank you to all of the amazing grandparents who make our worlds and the worlds of our children sweeter, brighter, and more fun. We appreciate you. Happy Grandparents Day!

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