It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Happy Fit Made Fun Day! - Alexandra & Gina


Happy Fit Made Fun Day! - Alexandra & Gina

*I received free products in order to host the LeapFrog and CLIF Kid sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own*

Happy Fit Made Fun Day everyone! Today, September 6th  we are joining the Fit Made Fun day celebration to inspire kids everywhere to get up and get active! We are taking today to encourage kids and families to experience a fun, active, and healthy lifestyle! 

We are hosting a Mommy Party which is sponsored by LeapFrog and Clif Kid to celebrate, but we put together a list of fun ways to be active as a family!

Our Fun Ways to be Active as a Family!

1. Go on a nature walk or hike! Take time to explore and see new things!
2. Play hide and go seek! Indoors is fun but outdoors is even better!
3. Set up obstacle courses! Run around things, duck under things, jump over things, most of all have fun!
4. Play freeze dance! Put on your favorite songs and show off your favorite dance moves, until the music stops that is!
5. Go for a bike ride! Ride a scooter! Go roller skating!
6. Have a day out and go ice skating! Maybe your little ones will pick up a favorite activity!
7. Have a race! Set up a starting point and a finish line and take turns racing! you could also do this with your bike/scooter/roller skates!
8. Head to the playground! Run around, go on the swings, go on the slides! Maybe there is even a basketball or tennis court at your nearby playground, bring equipment with you and play a sport!
9. Set up a scavenger hunt! You can even make it timed so that the people involved feel the need to move quicker!
10. Try fun activities like crab walking, star jumps, and more! These activities can also be done in the house so it is perfect for a rainy day! 

We hope that you have fun and get active with these fun activities!

We can't wait to share with everyone how we spent Fit Made Fun Day! 
Keep an eye out tomorrow for our post and photos! 

Today is also the launch of LeapFrog's new product the Leap Band! This fun new product encourages activity by giving your children audio challenges, tracking their activity, and earning points for the activities you do. The Leap Band also encourages healthy habits and teaches you about nutrition. You can buy the all new Leap Band HERE!


  1. This looks like fun! Great tips as well :)

  2. We're also doing our fun fit day today as well. Great activities. :)

  3. Love your activities. We really need to get more active as a family.

  4. Our favorite thing to do as a family is to go on a nature walk. We have a cool Cypress forest here with walkways throughout. It goes over a lake at one point with an observation tower on the other side, and near the entrance, there's a bird of prey sanctuary. It's pretty neat.

  5. I think products like these make it more fun for children to want to get out and have fun and not sit inside!

  6. My kids are outdoor lovers. We always do stuff every chance we get.