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Dollar Shave Club Review! -Suzi

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. All reviews reflect my personal opinion and experience*

My husband was given the opportunity to review the products by Dollar Shave Club. This Club is a monthly subscription club that sends you all your shaving needs, in one convenient box. In July 2011, Mike Dubin and Mark Levine, created a monthly subscription company to combat the frustrations of razor shopping. From Mike's living room and the help of one of world's largest razor manufacturers, the Dollar Shave Club came to life. The Dollar Shave Club has exploded onto the scene with their amazing video and continuous investments from venture capitalists. Now as they continue to grow with members, they are also growing with products. Now the Dollar Shave Club also offers; a shave butter, post shave lotion, and personal wipes. Continue reading to find out more about the products offered by the Dollar Shave Club and see what my husband thought about his shave.

The Dollar Shave Club offers you three different options of razors, in your monthly subscription. There is the $1/month option that gives you a twin blade razor. In this package, you receive 5 blades each month. Your handle is free. However, with this package you have to pay shipping and handling. The next step up is their $6/month plan. In this package you receive a better shave with their four blade heads. This blade is one that satisfies both, men and women. As with the other package this includes the free handle,and four cartridges, but the difference is FREE shipping and handling! Now their granddaddy of them all package. This package is their $9/month plan (also FREE handle and FREE Shipping and Handling)and four cartridges, that delivers you their best shaving experience ever. This is the package I received (and let my husband review!) This blade offered a close shave that even battled my hubby's facial hair that he lets grow long before he shaves. However, I didn't let my hubby have all the fun... I used it too! Just like my husbands response, I loved this blade. It was smooth and I didn't nick myself once. Usually when my husband shaves he has red bumps all over his neck and as you can see in the picture there aren't any red bumps!

The Dollar Shave Club also offers three other manly products (nope they aren't just razors!). They have their shave butter, that is a non irritant, sensitive skin saving, red bump disappearing, ingrown hair stopping, shaving cream eliminating, system that offered a smooth shave to both my hubs face and my legs. The post shave lotion left my husbands face feeling smooth and saved him the burn of aftershave as it is alcohol free. The last extra item they added to my review package was the One wipe Charlies, which are personal wipes that leave your bum feeling refreshed. Any off these three products can be added to your monthly subscription. As stated before, now there is no more worry about shopping and forgetting to get replacement cartridges for your razor, no more buying those crummy disposable ones that eat away at your face and legs. Just join the Dollar Shave Club and have them delivered to your door!

Thank you Mike and Mark for allowing me to review your great products from the Dollar Shave Club!!-Suzi

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