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DLee's World Review! - Alexandra

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My daughter Mia absolutely loves reading. We read for at least fifteen minutes daily and have been doing this since she was tiny, so we were really excited to be able to review new books from a series called DLee's World. These books are written by Diana Lee Santamaria and DLee is created based on the authors appearance when she was younger. Keep reading to learn more about DLee and take a trip into her world!

 Diane Lee Santamaria has been an early childhood educator for the past six years and as an educator she wanted to create books that were authentic to her students while enhancing their overall developmental abilities. Each character in Diana Lee's books has diversity, because she believes that children need to see characters in books that are representative of themselves. These educational books are creative and fun and help to make children interested in reading.

I absolutely love the three books available in the DLee's World series: DLee's Color Hunt, DLee's First Day of School. and DLee's Outdoor Countdown. These books and fun and unique from other books that we have read. My daughter is five and is just beginning to learn how to read words on her own. She is able to pick out many words used in these books and enjoys trying to figure out what each page says. I love that these books have a personal touch unlike so many other books. You can see the love put into every word and every illustration. I think that one of my absolute favorite things about Diana Lee's books are the lesson plans available online that go with each book. On the DLee's World website you can find the lesson plans, character and storyboard charts, and a literary assessment chart. These plans are perfect for a teacher or for a parent homeschooling. We have read each of these book multiple times since receiving them and never get sick of them. I also often catch Mia peeking through them and smiling at the pictures. I think that her favorite one is DLee's Outdoor Countdown, but I know that she loves them all. I can't wait for other books in this series to come out, we will definitely be purchasing them!

We love DLee and think that you will too! 

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