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BlueAvocado Review! - Nicole

*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. All reviews reflect my personal opinion and experience*

Are you tired of wasting money on sandwich baggies? I know I am. I buy a box and by the time that I've packed a school lunch, snacks and/or leftovers for 2 weeks, the box is completely gone with nothing to show for it except more garbage to throw out. That's why I love these Blue Avocado (re)zip bags! Seal up whatever you need and wash it out when you're done!

Blue Avocado uses recycled materials when and wherever they can, which just verifies their desire to create a more economical - or 'green', if you will - product even more. These baggies are freezer safe, they are lead and BPA free and they are also leak proof. The (re)zip bags are not intended for the dishwasher, but they are fairly easy to clean out. You just fill the bag about halfway full of warm water, add some dish soap, swirl it around and use something like a bottle brush to get to any of the corners. Then you lay them open end down on a drying rack or over a mug and let them dry out! Super simple!
I received the snack pack and the lunch pack to review. We froze some fruit in one of the lunch packs to put away for smoothies and my 6yo son has been taking both of the snack packs and the other lunch pack to school with him. They are seriously as easy as cleaning out his lunchbox, and so much nicer than those regular disposable, thin plastic baggies that you buy at the grocery store. He has no problem opening them or even (re)zip-ping them. I no longer worry about getting holes in his snack bag and, because of those holes, having to clean his backpack in a rush in order to have it ready for the next school day. These bags are smooth to the touch and a definite new staple piece in our home. Goodbye plastic waste, hello FDA-grade (re)zips!
Blue Avocado offers a variety of other products as well: from totes to insulated bags and even entire lunch kits!

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