It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: 3 Reasons Why Educational Toys Are Important for Children! - Alexandra


3 Reasons Why Educational Toys Are Important for Children! - Alexandra

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As a parent I have always made it one of my top priorities to encourage my daughter’s likes and interests. One way that I do this is through educational toys. My daughter is five and she has always expressed a great deal of interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) based learning; some of her favorite toys are blocks, globes, magnifying glasses, and math flash cards. It is very important to me that she enjoys the items that she is playing with and that her toys teach her something without pushing learning in her face.  I feel that educational toys are very important for children of all ages, keep reading to learn why.

3 Reasons Why Educational Toys 
Are Important For Children!

 1. One of the main reasons that I feel that educational toys are so important is because they help a child to learn without stress. Sometimes school work or organized lessons can be stressful for children making it difficult for them to learn to their full potential. Play is not goal oriented so while children play that pressure of learning is removed from the equation. Without stress your child is able to enjoy the interactive process of what they are doing thus enhancing both their playing and learning experience. Being able to spend time doing something they enjoy helps children to relax and enjoy what they are playing with so many times children do not realize how much they are learning while they are playing. 

      Some examples of educational toys that teach concepts through playing: blocks (often teach shapes, colors, letters and more), puzzles (teach shapes, problem solving, hand eye coordination, and more), animal figures (teach animals, animal sounds, identification)

  2.  Playing with educational toys help children to gain self-confidence. While children are playing with educational toys such as puzzles, shape sorters, etc they are learning to master a skill. Just as adults feel proud when learning something new children do as well. Since my daughter has started school one of her favorite things to do is come home and tell me what she learned, it is similar for children when they master a skill because of an educational toy. They often feel a sense of accomplishment which helps to encourage them to keep trying new things and enhances their self-confidence.

     Some examples of toys that help children to master skills: science kits, puzzles, shape sorters, board games, brainteasers, and more. 

      3. Imaginative play with educational toys helps to encourage verbal skills and creative thinking! My daughter has always enjoyed talking while playing with toys. She loves to “act out” what she is playing, such as while she is playing with her kitchen she will talk about what she is preparing, who she is serving, and how she will be cleaning up; she does similar things when playing with other toys as well. Using educational toys help to encourage a child to use their imagination which helps to encourage creative thinking

Some examples of toys that encourage imaginative play: play food, dolls, action figures, dress up clothes, puppets, workbenches, magic sets and more


  1. I agree with all of this! My kids love the play food and the imagination-using toys. Amber N

  2. When we have kids, I'm definitely going to be getting lots of educational toys. :) Hope I don't turn into a tiger mom though.

  3. I totally agree with this post! Kids are going to play anyways, so why not help ensure that they are learning in the process?!

  4. Thanks so much for the advice about which toys can develop different skills. This will help when I'm thinking of Christmas gift ideas for my boys :)

  5. Imaginative play is an important part of a child's learning development for sure....

  6. We loved educational toys as the boys grew up. Have also tried to buy them for nephews and God-children

  7. With all of the educational toys available now, Im surprised why people wouldn't use them. It's nice to let kids play with blocks and dolls for their imagination, but mixing in games and puzzles gives your children the extra leg up.

  8. My son is 16 now, but when he was younger, his favorites were blocks and silk scarves (capes, tents, headwraps, flags!) He knew what an 'Octogon' was by age 2! Children learn through play and educational toys only help promote the learning. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. I agree with this!! Educational toys are a great way to get kids creatively thinking without them over- stressing!

  10. Agree! We love toys that encourage creativity and problem solving