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Tuggo Review -Suzi

I was given the opportunity to review a fun dog toy called tuggo. Creator, Adam harrington, had the same frustrations as many dog owners, how do I get my dog to stop eating their toys? So he created this great indestructible Tuggo ball. This unique toy is an adjustable weight toy allowing for hours of fun for your dog even if you are unavailable to play! Keep reading to see more about Tuggo and find out what I thought! 

The ball of Tuggo has a recessed screw cap allowing you to fill the ball up with water. The rope then slides freely through the ball, allowing for two dogs to play at the same time. The ball can hold up to 20 lbs of water. You can purchase the Tuggo ball in a ten inch diameter and two different colors, red or blue. They are currently working on two additional sizes of seven inches and fifteen inches.

When I received the ball I was worried that maybe my pit bull, Polar, would not play with it. I've never actually seen her play with anything but the kids. I was greatly mistaken. She took to the Tuggo right away. Not even five minutes passed, she was throwing it around the yard and running after it! She loved that Kolby took the other end and started a game of tug o war. I absolutely enjoyed watching her play with this toy! Thank you Adam, for this great toy! -Suzi

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  1. I've heard so many great things about this dog toy! It seems like a great toy for all dogs. I'm sure my inlaws dogs would just love it!

  2. Looks like a great toy. I wish they made a smaller version, as my Min Pin would LOVE this.