It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: The girl's clothing trend that I love! - Alexandra


The girl's clothing trend that I love! - Alexandra

As a mother of a little girl who loves science and math I am a huge advocate of encouraging girls to embrace their interests and the love of learning. Women have a less prevalent role in science, math, and engineering occupations even though in elementary school and high school girls take high level math and science courses and succeed at the same rate as their male peers. I think that it is very important to encourage girls interested in math and science to continue this love and develop it. I also think that it is very important to encourage children to want to be intelligent and to continue to embrace being intelligent. 

This year when shopping for school clothes for my daughter who will be entering kindergarten I noticed a trend that I haven't noticed in previous years from some of my favorite brands. Typically when we shop for clothing I see a lot of items that say "Cute", "Princess", or other adjectives like those, not many encouraging girls and intelligence. This year when shopping I noticed more science themed shirts for little girls and more shirts encouraging intelligence and positive self worth. I love seeing clothing items like these since raising a little girl with a desire to succeed in something that she loves is so important to me.

Below I have listed some of my favorites and links to purchase them! 

Some items from Gymboree that I loved:

Some items from Lands' End that I loved:
1. Space Graphic Shirt 
2. NASA Crew Graphic Shirt
3. Planet Graphic Shirt

Some items from Crazy 8 that I loved:
1. Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder Tee
2. Feeling Bright Tee
3. Honor Roll Tee

Some items from Mighty Girls that I loved:
1. Future Scientist Tee
2. I am Kind Tee
3. Math is for Girls Tee

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  1. Those are adorable! I really love the Mighty Girls tees though. :-)

  2. I'm loving this trend too and am really loving those Gymboree shirts! My oldest would love them!

  3. I love the Land's End's selection! I too have a daughter who love Science and Math.