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Techno Gears Marble Mania Review! - Nicole

 I have a family of building fanatics. From blocks to an outside deck - we want to build it ALL (within reason, of course)! I was so excited to get to review this marble playscape with my 6 year old son!

Techno Gear Marble Mania is brought to us by The Learning Journey. The Learning Journey first opened up in 1995 and have since been creating toys that are both interactive and educational for our young children. They strive to create these toys to be the most efficient, and fun, as they can possibly be by keeping up with the most current educational research and the national curriculum for each age group.

We got to review the Quest marble run, but there are countless others: the Velocity, the Mine Shaft, the Galaxy and many more!

There are over 200 pieces in the Quest run, so it took us about 3 hours to build. This set is meant for ages 6+. I did have to snap the chain on the pulley and bucket system for my son, but all in all he required minimal help from me. The warning does show that this isn't meant for children under 3, because it has small parts. The smallest parts were the marbles, but there were other pieces that weren't much larger than the marbles - just to give you a reference for just how small the pieces are. My favorite thing about this toy is the bright colors! My son, however, would argue that picking the marbles up into the bucket is the most fun. The quest set is complete with left to right action, buckets to drop the marbles off at the top of the run, a hand crank, a funnel and a turbine all to help carry the marbles through this entertaining and interactive marble run!
If you'd like to see the Quest and other marble runs go ahead and visit Techno Gears Marble Mania!

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  1. That looks like a ton of fun! My kids would really enjoy that. I will definately look in to this. This would be a great gift for my daughters!

  2. That game looks AWESOME! But three hours to put together? I would have given up long before that. I suppose you are much more patient than I am.

  3. My kids love building things & this looks like so much fun! I'm sure they would feel awesome after putting it all together & being able to play with the marbles afterwards.

  4. This looks so awesome! I would say that this would be great for my nephews, but I kind of want to play with it LOL

  5. Oh, this is the toy that my son is talking about. He've seen it online and want one. Will check it out, thanks for sharing the review.