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Kristian Regale Review! - Alexandra

I recently got to work with an awesome company called Kristian Regale! Kristian Regale is an all natural, Swedish Recipe, sparkling juice! This company's founder started after tasting an apple sparkling drink in Sweden. Kristian Regale has gone from a kitchen, home office, and garage, to selling throughout the Midwest, and is now nationally and internationally distributed. This sparkling juice comes in more than just Apple though, it is available in nine different varieties! Keep reading to learn more about Kristian Regale, to see what I thought about the flavors that I received, and to enter a giveaway to win six bottles!

Kristian Regale works to include as few ingredients in their all natural sparkling juice as possible. They want to bring you something that is not only delicious but good for you. Their juice includes Natural Beet Sugars, Geranium Botanicals, Natural Fruit Juice, no preservatives and are also high in antioxidants! These juices are also caffeine free, free of alcohol, and Kosher! I love that all ingredients and nutrition facts are listed right on their website so there is no guessing what is included in their sparkling juice. Kristian Regale comes in nine different varieties: Apple, Pear, Peach, Black Currant, Pomegranate Apple, Black Currant, and Lingonberry Apple; it is also available in Lite Apple and Lite Pear. I got to review four different flavors Apple, Peach, Pear, and Black Currant!

The first flavor that I am going to tell you about is Apple! I loved the apple flavor, as soon as I taste it I thought fall. This flavor is light and crisp, you can taste the apples so strongly and perfectly. It is delicious and perfect for celebrations! I have never seen a sparkling juice in a Pear flavor so I was really excited to taste Pear Sparkler from Kristian Regale! As soon as I tasted it I told my husband that I wished I knew about it for our wedding! It has such an amazing pear flavor and is so delicate. I love peach and the Peach sparkling juice absolutely did not disappoint! It was by far a family favorite! This flavor is perfect for summer and would be excellent at a barbecue or after a day at the pool! As soon as you open the bottle of the Black Current flavor you immediately can smell the black currants and can tell how fresh and natural this flavor is. It was delicious and tasted so fresh!

I loved the flavors of Kristian Regale Sparkling Juice that I received and I think that you will too! Enter our giveaway below to win six bottles! 
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  1. My kids always like having sparkling grape juice when we're celebrating something, but I think they would like this better since there's a variety of flavors.

  2. This would be a perfect addition to Thanksgiving Dinner which is closer than we think.... especially since I am pregnant this year I can enjoy this with the kiddos! Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Peach sounds so delicious! I will have to check it out. My boys love sparkling juice so this would be great for them!

  4. I am Swedish! This sounds delicious! I bet my grandmother would love it when she is here in the states!

  5. I've never heard of this brand before but it sounds great! I absolutely love sparkling drinks. My go-to is typically any flavor from Martinelli's but I think next time I'll try to keep an eye out for this brand and give it a shot. :)

  6. Never heard of this brand but it seems like it's a good one. I love sparkling drinks especially at Christmas and usually buy Welchs or Martinelli. If I see this one I'll have to pick up a bottle.

  7. I've never heard of this before. It sounds really good though. If I ever find it I'll definitely pick some up and try it.

  8. I LOVE sparkling drinks and I love juice. I rarely get to have anything but sparkling mineral water, though, because of the high sugar content. These look like just the thing.

  9. I love those sparkling juice. I used all mine in coking!