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Flashbot from Junior Learning Review! - Alexandra

Do your children enjoy learning with flashcards? If they do the Flashbot from Junior Learning is a great product for them! I recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Junior Learning to try their fun product Flashbot and tell you a bit about it as well as some more about their company! Keep reading to see my review of this educational product and learn more about this amazing company! 

Junior Learning is a company located in Southern California and was founded by Duncan Milne and Anna Kirschberg. Their goal in establishing this company was to increase cooperation across the fields of toy design and educational products. Both of Junior Learning's founders have an extensive background in children's learning, so it is no surprise of how amazing their products are! On Junior Learning's website you can find all sorts of items such as games, activity cards, and more! Their age range for their items is 3 years old to 7+ and their products are perfect purchase by parents and teachers. All of the products from Junior Learning are affordable and excellent quality. 

I received the Flashbot and three additional Flashcard sets from Junior Learning for review! Flashbot is a fun card flipper that help children to learn reading and mathematical facts. You feed the flash card into the Flashbot's mouth and the card comes out below showing the answer. Flashbot comes with twenty cards that are a mix of reading and mathematics for different skill levels. My daughter loves Flashbot! The day that we opened it as soon as my husband came home from work she demanded that he play with it with her and was so excited to show him how it worked. She said the only thing that would make Flahbot better was if he "talked to  her about reading and math" haha. This product is so perfect for little ones learning to read and mathematics because it combines learning and fun. 

The flashcard sets that I received are: Word Recognition FlashcardsLetter Sound Flashcards, and Phonological Flashcards. The Word Recognition Flash Card set includes three different types of cards: Things that go together, opposites, and singular and plural. There are 162 cards in the set and are for ages 4+. This set was my daughter's favorite. She played with these cards for hours. The Letter Sound Flash Card set includes cards to teach beginning sounds, middle sounds, and final sounds. There are also 162 cards in this set and is for ages 4+. My daughter also loved this set! She was having so much guessing the sounds that was missing for word. The third set of cards that we received Phonological Awareness Flash Card set includes blends, vowel sounds, and syllables. In this set there are also 162 cards and it is geared towards ages 5+. This set is a bit harder for my daughter since she is 5, but I think that after a bit of time in kindergarten when she starts mastering more sounds this set will be perfect! I will definitely be purchasing the addition and subtraction cards since Mia loves math! 

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*I received all reviewed items for free for review purposes and received no monetary compensation for this post. All reviews reflect my personal opinion and experience*


  1. What a cute idea. My mom has been a teacher for over 50 years now and has always used flashcards in the classroom. They work!

  2. I love this idea! I'm still big on flash cards with my kids, but they don't seem to hold their interest for very long. Flashbot could totally change that though!

  3. What a cool spin on flash cards! My 4 & 6 year olds would love this.

  4. This is a really nice one to have for little ones, fun learning!