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AIRBAC Review! - Nicole

It's time to go back to school, and you know what that means! Backpacks! It needs to be big enough to hold everything our students, or school going parents, need to lug around each day - but not so large and heavy that everyone's back is aching 10 minutes into the day.

The AIRBAC team has come up with a patented air support system. The claim is that this system helps create support in all of the right places, to make your load feel half as heavy. After reviewing the Bump Backpack, my family agrees! This is absolutely THE most comfortable backpack that I, personally, have ever worn. In fact, my 6 year old is hoping to wear it to school this year as he enters into first grade! Keep reading to learn more about AIRBAC!

What makes AIRBAC such an amazing product is that their air padding allows the weight of the backpack to rest on your waistline, literally stopping the weight from tugging on your shoulders and back. AIRBAC also promotes better posture and spinal alignment because it enables your body to relax in an upright position, instead of hunching over in order to hold the weight of your backpack. The air support system acts as a shock absorber as well, for each step you take - even when running! Of course the AIRBAC is customizable, to fit any shape and size. Let's also not forget that not only does the air system protect you, it also protects the items that you place inside of it - such as a laptop. AIRBAC is guaranteed to help with the stress of carrying around a packed bag, which is why it is endorsed by back specialists nationwide.

We were able to fit everything that was on my son's school supply list into our backpack, with the exception of 3 tissue boxes. The backpack is much more roomy than it appears, with pockets and compartments galore. Although it is a bit bulky and seems like it would be heavier than your standard backpack, the air cushion that lies right at your waistline really does the trick. It is also easy as pie to refill with an air pump if/when that time comes. The shoulder straps are generously padded and one thing that I will never go back after having is that the straps have a plastic piece on the ends. Last year, my son went through 2 backpacks due to those ends fraying and completely falling apart. That is clearly NOT going to happen with this backpack! AIRBAC also has bags for travel, and business, and several other school bag options!

AIRBAC has a Fundraiser program as well. All kinds of organizations can join in including but not limited to: schools, churches, sports teams, girl scouts, etc. for each backpack that the organization sells, they receive $10.00. Your customer also receives $10.00 off of the purchase price. What a great way to help support your organization and promote health and wellness for backpack use in a stylish way!

Last, but surely not least, stay tuned and watch for this backpack in a giveaway here soon!
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  1. I would buy school supply

  2. This sounds phenomenal! I've noticed how much of a beating my kids backpacks take after a few months & that makes them even heavier for them. Maybe I'll just go ahead & get a couple of these even though my kids are all set for the year already.

  3. Wow, this looks very high quality made, I'd love to have one for my son. Will check it out.

  4. With the amount of books these kids carry to school this would be great for them. Sounds like a great backpack!

  5. This looks like a great option for middle/high school when the books are getting super heavy and the kids are bringing them home almost daily..... I'll definitely be stopping back for the giveaway!