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High Road Review! - Gina

Talus has making been problem-solving products for your car, home and traveling for years! I have received one of their genius ideas, the perfect on the go trash bin by High Road, the Mega Trashstand- Litter Basket. Keep reading to learn about this product and see what I thought of it!

I love the Mega Trashstand - Litter Basket from High Road! You can toss all your families travel garbage into this leak proof car floor trash basket. LEAK PROOF! It's true! They even thought of it tipping so it is made with a stabilizing, tip resistant base! It comes with four poles to insert on the sides, two top and 2 bottom. It is easy to store in your car, I have a Toyota Rav4 placed it in the middle of my back seats. Barely takes up space and its easy open cover has a strong magnet to keep it closed. It is easy enough to open it while you were driving or with one hand but strong enough to keep it closed if gets knocked over. I am vacationing soon and cannot wait to have one thing to empty out instead of cleaning out the whole car of garbage. It is definitely a great prevention instead of just throwing stuff on the floor. I really think it has another purpose too! I am going to use it as a cooler! the leakproof inside and big 4.5 gallon, plenty of room! Best of all it is lightweight and has sturdy handles on the side! Thank you Talus products for making my car trips organized and CLEAN! 

-fully leakproof, wipe clean liner keeps spills and stains off carpet and upholstery 
-wide mesh pocket for napkins, wipes and sanitizer 
-stays in place with easy-to-insert side braces 
-woven side handles for easy empties 
-extra large 4.5 gallon capacity made from rugged pack cloth magnetic tab lid closure 

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  1. Having a Toddler in a Kia Soul.. that is 98% taller than other kids his age.. gives us barely any room in the back seat. This looks perfect for trash, or even his toy storage!

  2. This is something I can definitely pass along to my mom who sports a Dodge Grand Caravan with my three other siblings. With all of their mess I'm sure she'll be grateful to stay organized! :)

  3. We're a family of 5 & there's always some sort of mess in the truck after we go somewhere (mostly from my hubs). This would be perfect to have the trash contained & not have it look like trash itself (like a wayward plastic bag).

  4. I want one! My kids are messy when we travel even though I gave them bag to put the garbage in. Great review.

  5. My husband could use this in his truck, yet he would stay it is me that needs something like this lol

  6. This is a genius invention, I love it. My car wouldn't be so messy if I had one haha

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