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Grab Green Review! - Alexandra

I am so excited that I got to team up with and review some products from an amazing company called Grab Green! Their company makes all natural cleaning, household, and laundry products. Grab Green never uses harmful chemicals, they list all ingredients, are natural chemists, constantly innovative, and they care about your family's happiness and safety. I got to review four products from Grab Green: 3-in-1 Laundry Detergent - Lavender with Vanilla , Red Pear with Magnolia Dish Soap, Tangerine with Lemongrass Hand Soap, and Thyme with Fig Leaf Room and Air Freshener. Keep reading to learn a bit more about Grab Green and see what I thought of the products that I received to review!

Grab Green has a simple philosophy which is to create products that families can use safely and confidently in their home. They strive to create products that follow their guiding principles: safe, fragrant, delightful, effective, innovative, and transparent. The founder of Grab Green is a mother of two who learned that standard cleaning products contained many dangerous chemicals so wanted to put out products that are as safe, sustainable, and effective as possible. The fragrances that are used are designed to remind you of the beauty of nature. All of their scents are handcrafted without the use of chemicals. All of their products are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and are in sustainable packaging their formulas which they developed are also not only safe but effective.

The first item that I received to review is the 3-in-1 Laundry Detergent in Lavender with Vanilla. These pods come in four different scents Lavender with Vanilla, Vetiver, Gardenia, and Fragrance Free. They are specifically formulated for HE and standard machines and clean, remove stains, and brighten clothes. I love that these pods are easy to use. You use one pod for a small to medium load and two pods for large to extra large loads. The outer film is water soluble so dissolves once it hits water. I love the scent of these pods but most of all I love the convenience of just tossing them into the washing machine and not having to measure anything. I also love that they are not tested on animals, made in the USA, and that all of the ingredients are listed on Grab Green's website.

The second item that I received to review is Red Pear and Magnolia Dish Soap. This dish soap also comes in three other scents Fragrance Free, Tangerine with Lemongrass, and Thyme with Fig Leaf. Grab Green's formula is safe and sustainable, phosphate free, not tested on animals, made in the USA, and biodegradable. All of the ingredients used in this dish soap are listed on their website. I absolutely love with dish soap! I have tried many other all natural brands of dish soap before and I didn't find them to be as effective as this one! I only need to use a few drops and it gets my dishes very clean. This dish soap smells amazing and leaves my hands feeling very soft. I will definitely be purchasing more dish soap from Grab Green!

I also got to review Tangerine with Lemongrass Hand Soap. This hand soap is formulated with aloe vera and other naturally derived ingredients, it is also free of phosphates and dyes. It is also made in the USA and not tested on animals. This hand soap comes in three other scents Fragrance Free, Red Pear and Magnolia, and Thyme and Fig Leaf. All ingredients used in this hand soap are listed on the website. As soon as I opened this soap I could smell it and it smells awesome. I love things that are citrus scented and this hand soaps definitely didn't disappoint. I love that only a little bit needs to be used since a little bit goes a long way! I also love that the scent linger on my hands for a bit after washing them.

The final product that I received to review is Thyme and Fig Leaf Room and Air Freshener. Room and Air Freshener from Grab Green comes in seven other scents: Immortelle with Jasmine, Lavender with Vanilla, Vetiver, Tangerine with Lemongrass, Gardenia, and Red Pear with Magnolia. These sprays have a safe and sustainable formula of essential oils, they are made out of naturally derived ingredients and are free of phosphates and dyes. They are also made in the USA, not tested on animals and all of their ingredients are listed on their website! Using this spray is very easy! All that you have to do is spray into the air, onto clothing, or upholstery/carpets. I love the smell of this room spray, it lasts a bit unlike many other room sprays which quickly disappear. I definitely recommend this Room and Air Freshener.

I love all of the products that I received from Grab Green! One of my favorite thing about their products is that they are all very cost effective, especially for all natural products! If you are looking for natural and effective products for your home be sure to visit their website!

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