It's a Mom Thing Reviews & More!: Dot & Bo: Teal Bamboo Flower Bowl Review! - Alexandra


Dot & Bo: Teal Bamboo Flower Bowl Review! - Alexandra

I recently got to team up for a product review with an amazing company called Dot & Bo. Dot & Bo is based in the heart of San Francisco's Design District. They strive to create the type of shopping experience that they would want for themselves by providing excellent customer service. They also believe that home designs you love should be accessible so work to offer their items at affordable prices so that you can decorate your home while being able to stay on a budget. I got to review a fun product from Dot & Bo, their Teal Bamboo Flower Bowl. Keep reading to see what I thought of the product and learn a bit more about their company!

Dot & Bo sells all sorts of household items from furniture to decor, bathroom pieces, items for your kitchen, and more. They work to bring about new collections daily which are filled with hand-picked items from around the world. They like their products to be able to compliment the taste of their customers no matter what their taste may be. Dot & Bo works directly with designers and manufacturers to secure the best prices.

I got to review a Teal Bamboo Flower Bowl from Dot & Bo. This bowl is made of bamboo and lacquered with cashew oil, the dimensions are 11.5" in diameter by 4.75" height. Teal is my favorite color so I was very excited when I opened the package and saw this bowl! This bowl is perfect for displaying items in the kitchen such as fruit or for serving salads, pastas, and more. I love that it is very lightweight so it is easy to carry to the dining room table. I love this bowl and cannot wait to purchase other items from Dot & Bo!

If you are looking for new items for your home Dot & Bo is a one stop shop! They also have holiday items so be sure to check them out for the upcoming holiday season!

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  1. Wow, that's very stylish! I want one for my kitchen hehehe.

  2. I love that bowl! Is it wrong that I would want to fill it up with ice cream though? Hey, maybe they have a bowl just for that. Yep, checking them out now. If I don't come back in an hour...LOL

  3. Oh, this is the coolest thing! I love both the concept of it using natural products and the style. It looks like it's sturdy, even though it's lightweight.

  4. Teal is my favorite color too! I used to say that when I was a child and got strange looks from adults, because really, what 6 year old knows the difference between "teal" and "blue"? THIS GIRL! LOL

  5. I love that bowl! So stylish. I was unfamiliar with this brand, but I can't wait to check out their website.

  6. How cool is that?! Bamboo with cashew oil? That is so neat! Love those bowls.

  7. I have a bowl that looks like that but it's not wavy around the top! I love it. It's huge & I serve our salad in it when we have a big one for dinner.