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American Educational Products - Super Math Spy Review! - Suzi

I recently got the opportunity to review a great Super Math Spy game from American Education Products. American Educational Products, LLC, is an educational supply company for teachers and parents alike. American Educational Products, LLC has been providing educational products for over 70 years. Their mission is to promote students learning needs now and in the future, providing fun new ways to learn.

American Educational Products sent us the Super Math Spy game. This game not only tested my boy's math skills, but included a secret mission to figure out when to use your mathematical signs. Two to four players can enjoy playing this game together!  To begin the players all put on their spy glasses and you are dealt five cards. Spread out the number chips and then each player turns over their top card, and one player rolls the dice. You have the chances of rolling a plus sign, minus sign, multiplication sign, division sign, or free play. Then you will have to search the number chips for an equation that will equal your card value, using whatever sign was rolled on the dice. Free play allows you to use any type of sign to create the equation to equal your card value. So if your card reads 70, and you rolled the dice and got a multiplication sign, your equation could be 9*7+7=70.

This game is aged from 2nd grade to 6th grade. My 2nd grader and 4th grader had a blast with it. Even my husband was getting involved. Such a great little game to play with your family and help your children learn their math tables! 

Thank you American Educational Products, LLC for allowing me to review your fun game!

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