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Zoku Review! - Alexandra

During the summer in my house we go through ice pops like crazy but I always worry about the amount of sugar and the ingredients used in many store bought pops. ZOKU is a great company that puts my worries to an end. ZOKU specializes in providing unique products for the home, many of which are products to make frozen treats! Some of ZOKU's products are the Quick Pop Maker, the Slush and Shake Maker , and Classic Pop Molds, they also sell many other products. Since summer is starting and my daughter will be spending long hours in the sun I was really excited to receive a product for review from ZOKU so that I could make her refreshing treats! Let me tell you about the product I received!

The product that I got to review from ZOKU are their Fish Pop Molds! This set includes six molds and six sticks with drip guards, it is also BPA and phthalate free. My favorite thing about this mold is that pops are easy to remove! All that you have to do is pull the stick and they pop right out, there is no need to run the mold under water like similar types of pop molds. The shapes that are in this mold are a shark, a clownfish, an octopus, a whale, a pufferfish, and a scuba diver, the sticks also have ends that match the shapes of the mold. My daughter also thought it was so funny that the sticks have "skeletons" inside the pop that show up as she eats continues to eat it. I love that I am able to choose the juice that I use in the ice pops that we make and how cost efficient making pops this way is since we can use any juice that we have on hand, which also makes it so that we can change flavors frequently! I love the Fish Pop Molds from ZOKU and definitely plan to purchase more of their products!

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